Permit Renewal Modification

Being good neighbors is part of responsibility that comes with running a facility like our Albany terminal. We’re committed to working with community members and stakeholders, elected officials, and regulatory agencies to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Global’s Albany Terminal operates under a Title V air permit from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. In March 2020, Global plans to submit a permit renewal modification to the NYSDEC. It will include some voluntary changes that have been influenced by previous community input.

Key changes include:

  • Decreasing the allowable amount of crude oil to be shipped through the terminal by over 75%.
  • Installing enhanced controls to more effectively treat emissions from our loading operations.
  • Expanding the types of biofuels handled at the terminal to help meet New York’s renewable energy requirements and greenhouse gas reduction initiatives.
  • Installing natural-gas fired boilers needed to receive, store, and ship certain biofuels. No other products will be heated.
  • Adding flexibility to respond to changes in the market and improve service to our customers.

We are hosting an Open House on February 25, 2020 so you can learn more, ask questions, and share your views. We hope to see you there. View our flyer on the Albany Open House.

WHEN: Tuesday, February 25 6:00pm – 8:00pm

WHERE: Ezra Prentice Homes Community Room 625 South Pearl Street Albany, NY 12202

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Mark Bobb-Semple, Community Liaison (518) 775-7093

We will continue to work with our neighbors as this project moves forward, and whenever questions might arise in the future.