Albany Terminal FAQs

Who is Global Partners?

Based in Waltham, Mass., Global Partners is a leading distributor of petroleum products and renewable fuels. We own, control or have access to bulk storage facilities in nine states, carrying a storage capacity of 12.2 million barrels. Though mostly located in the Northeast, Global’s terminals in North Dakota and Oregon extend our reach across the United States and Canada.

Global’s story beings with a family and a single truck delivering heating oil during the Great Depression.

Read more about Abraham Slifka and Slifky’s Reliable Oil Burner Service Co. and the Global Partners story..

When did Global locate in Albany?

Global purchased the terminal from ExxonMobil in 2007, and has invested more than $40 million to upgrade the facility since its purchase.

How big is Global’s presence in the area?

Between its terminals, convenience stores and gas stations, Global employs more than 303 people in the greater Albany area. In 2017, approximately $660 million in New York fuel and product taxes were collected and passed on to the state by Global’s wholesale and retail distribution business.

What does Global do at the Albany terminal?

Global is permitted to receive, store and distribute a wide variety of bulk liquid commodities, including gasoline, diesel fuel, home heating oil, kerosene, crude oil, and renewable fuels such as ethanol and bio-based diesel. There is also a nearby propane storage and distribution facility.

What fuels are currently brought to the Albany terminal?

Gasoline, ethanol, diesel and other bio fuels. At this time, no crude oil is brought into the facility.

What is Global’s commitment to safety?

At the heart of our operation is a commitment to the safe receipt, storage and distribution of our products. Twice a day — at the beginning of each shift — employees work through a detailed safety checklist. We work closely with Albany’s fire and police departments to maintain a safe workplace and prepare for any potential emergency. Read more about safety at Global’s Albany terminal, and how we work to protect our employees, our neighboring communities and the environment.

How can Global ensure that crude oil is transported safely through the community?

Currently, no crude oil is shipped to Global in Albany, but the efforts of federal, state and local agencies complement our detailed preventive safety measures and comprehensive emergency preparedness protocols. Global continues to work with the state and the community, as well as our employees, customers, railroads and other partners to ensure the safe receipt and off-loading of railcars and marine tanks at our terminal.

In 2014, Global announced the voluntary elimination of older DOT-111 railcars for the transportation of crude oil, replacing them with railcars built to meet CPC-1232 railcar design standards. Those standards specifically address the transportation of hazardous materials and were developed by the American Railroads Tank Car Committee. In addition, Global supports Congressional efforts to transition to cars meeting the latest DOT-117 requirements.