Information on Global’s Permit Renewal Modification

Global Partners is in the process of renewing our air permit for our Albany Terminal. As part of the renewal, we are proposing some changes in the way the terminal is operated.

Proposed Changes

Proposed changes include:

  • Decreasing crude. The proposal would decrease the amount of crude oil allowed to be shipped through the terminal by over 75%, a reduction of 1.4 billion gallons.
  • Increasing biodiesel to reduce greenhouse gases. The proposal would increase our ability to store and distribute biodiesel. This is part of Global’s commitment to a greener future and to meeting the state’s ambitious climate goals. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from natural ingredients.
    Natural gas-fired boilers would be installed to heat biodiesel so it will flow in colder weather. No other products will be heated. The proposal specifically prohibits the use of boilers to heat crude oil.
  • Installing enhanced controls. New controls would more effectively treat emissions from loading operations.
  • Adding flexibility. The proposal would add flexibility to respond to changes in the market and improve service to our customers.
  • Reducing truck idling. The proposal would add more positions at the truck loading rack to reduce customer wait time and truck idling time.
  • Reducing train impacts. The proposal would add more positions at the rail loading rack to improve efficiency and reduce locomotive use when loading trains.

Permit Application Documents

Global submitted its permit renewal modification application in mid-March. The documents are online and available for download and review.

Virtual Public Meetings

Global hosts virtual public meetings to give community members and stakeholders a chance to learn more about proposed changes, ask questions and make comments. View recordings of our previous meetings below. There will also be an opportunity to submit comments to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation later in the process.

Watch Global Partners’ virtual public meetings

For More Information

Contact Mark Bobb-Semple, Community Liaison:
[email protected]; (518) 775-7093

We will continue to work with our neighbors as this project moves forward, and whenever questions might arise in the future.