Public Participation

Being good neighbors is part of responsibility that comes with running a facility like our Albany terminal. We’re committed to working with community members and stakeholders, elected officials, and regulatory agencies to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and that, together, we can find ways to mitigate that impact.

Since 2013, we’ve been engaged with the New York State Department of Conservation (DEC) in an ongoing process regarding the modification of the Albany terminal’s Title V Facility Permit. As part of that process, we’ve hosted public information meetings that have included presentations by both Global and the DEC. Specific activities as follows:

  • Ensuring outreach efforts include South End residents.
  • Establishing open communication between South End residents, Global and the DEC.
  • Informing South End residents about specific aspects of Global’s projects.
  • Creating opportunities for South End residents to ask questions and share their concerns.

We will continue to work with our neighbors as this project moves forward, and whenever questions might arise in the future.